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About Us

Decades of experience carrying out our practice and monitoring changes within the Health Law area have enabled us to become specialists in guiding businesses with legal certainty and in resolving corporate disputes, whether in judicial courts or ANVISA.


We advise on large cases involving national giants in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, vitamins and health products sectors, advising on the provision of services from the evaluation of technical documents, assembly of the dossier, monitoring until the approval of registration with ANVISA.

We have a department for acquisitions and new business models, including mergers.

As a result, OATI can offer the necessary consistency and credibility you seek in health law legal assistance.


In addition to representing major players in the market, we understand that every client requires a specific approach for their reality. Additionally, we combine unparalleled know-how of the health sector, doctors and pharmaceutist with extensive experience in approval of products with ANVISA.


Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 768 - Room 111 - São Paulo - SP / Avenida das Américas, 500 - Block 11 - Room 303C - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+ 55 (21) 2491-3633 / + 55 (11) 2495-1345

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