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Government Relation

We monitor and develop the best strategy for our clients to work at ANVISA, MAPA AND CONGRESSO NATIONAL


We assist companies in obtaining their environmental license from the responsible sectors of the Government.

New business

We develop unique and individual strategies for each client to maximize gains and streamline internal procedures.


With a system developed in-house, we monitor all of our customers' processes, thus developing a quick solution for each process.


With a system developed by our IT team, we were able to search before the trademark application and post-application, thus increasing the chances of obtaining the trademark registration.


Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 768 - Room 111 - São Paulo - SP / Avenida das Américas, 500 - Block 11 - Room 303C - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

+ 55 (21) 2491-3633 / + 55 (11) 2495-1345

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